“You don't look nonbinary.” 

What does that even mean? In a society in which gender norms are pushed on everyone and their mother since the day they were born, it was only a matter of time before those norms were completely pushed to the wayside. For the most part in 2019 these norms have been put on the backburner (in a sense I guess) and there has been a lot more freedom in gender expression. But still people put their preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman, a man, nonbinary, agender, etc. on the rest of the world. This project is just an expression of that idea, like “oh you can’t be too femme or masc” “you’re too androdgynous” “too modest” “too revealing”. We love imposing western ideals on anyone and everyone ya know?


I felt like for Look #1 I was going how the world perceives nonbinary people. I went more masculine (with the hot topic skinny jeans because I’m still a twelve year old edge lord). I feel as if nonbinary people are seen as childish in a way. The most common look associated with nonbinary people is the skinny white person who dresses to cover up the things they don't like about themselves. I wanted to emulate this person I know who fits this idea—the quirky nonbinary person who cut their hair short, wears combat boots every day with skinny jeans and an oversized shirt. While being a super simple look I feel as if that is the box that all nonbinary people are put into.


There was much less effort put into look two, mostly because it was hot as fuck and I couldn’t be bothered. Which looking back was the only way to style myself exactly the way I wanted to look. I like all the clothes I own and if I want to look like a cartoon character or a fucking twelve year old edge lord I’m going to and no one can stop me cause it’s my body and I can do whatever I want to it.


No matter what I or anyone else decides to do with their self expression and style, there's gonna be backlash from someone somewhere. Like for example im dysphoric as fuck, literally all the time, but some days its too damn hot to bind or wear jeans or anything that would make me feel better about myself. Comfort in my own body is less important than uhhh not dying from a heat stroke lol. 

I’ve been told many times that I'm too femme. What the fuck does that even mean? I’m gonna dress however the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want. (Weather permitting cause I’m a bitch. Shout out to those emo kids that wore sweatshirts in the summer. They’re braver than US Marines.)